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Introducing Eko, the first
'Investments as a Service' solution
Enabling every financial institution to offer digital investing, without having to build anything or hire anyone
The investing product your customers
have been waiting for
Integrated into your existing platform
Eko's white-label product is accessible via your existing online platform, so users have access to digital banking and digital investing on the same platform
We can integrate Eko into your digital platform in a matter of weeks
Steps from onboarding to portfolio creation to monitoring are automated
End-to-end investing
Users get personalized portfolios or pick their own stocks, while Eko monitors your portfolio and provides live dashboards
Improve product offering and revenue
Convert on average 12% of your banking clients to invest with you, while improving your product offering and unlocking new revenue
Eko lets you offer personalized investing to your customers with no upfront costs
Eko works on both mobile and desktop
For mobile and desktop
Every Eko feature is thoughtfully designed for both mobile and desktop
Improve your product offering
Stand out with a unique, low-threshold and fully digital investing experience
Complete end-to-end solution
Deliver amazing UI/UX via multiple platforms, giving your customers a next generation investment product
Simple technical integration
Bring a digital investment experience to your clients in a matter of weeks, without hiring anyone

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